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About Us

IET-VIT, a UK based professional society,
works as a well-established technical chapter
in VIT Vellore. Falling under Chennai network ,it is the fastest
growing and the most dynamic chapter witnessed.
Being a students' chapter of Europe's largest professional society, IET-VIT is dedicated to help the students at VIT University
become trendsetters by providing them with technical and inspirational support throughout their course of study.

Our Inspirations




TFD is a fully working project team striving and
challenging themselves to engineer projects for the benefit of society and advancement of technology.

The team also takes part in many engineering competition and hack-a-thons
(organised by Texas Instruments, NI, General Electric to name a few) to fuel the spirit of competition.

It's mission is to contribute to the society in the field of technology and
innovation, motivating and guiding our fellow colleagues and friends to design and innovate.

Why IET?

Apart from the events organised by IET Chennai Local Network,
IET-VIT regularly conducts events and workshops in VIT to benefit fellow VITians.
Our series of free workshops and expert sessions conducted throughout the year
are dedicated to different fields of engineering.

VIT Technical United Conference, a one of its kind national MUN, gives students a chance to experience MUN like none other.
We actively take part in VIT University's college fests Gravitas and Rivera and organize some of the best events.

Our technical division, Team Fourth Dimension constantly provide the students
technical and inspirational support throughout their course of study.

We give a lot of focus on the overall development of the students in all field be it
academics, speaking skills, technical skills, self confidence, managerial skills.